Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturated Fats are Good (Warning: Low Quality Post)

It's pretty much common sense that we can synthesize saturated fats from starch. But that doesn't mean that we shouldn't have adequate intake of saturated fat from the foods we eat.

We need saturated fats to properly absorb fat-soluble vitamins. For instance, it's important to eat foods high in beta carotene with a saturated fat. Saturated fat is required for your body to convert the beta carotene into vitamin A.

Saturated fats are essential for the absorption of essential fatty aids. Consumption of foods high in essential fatty acids should be paired with a saturated fat. For example, there are fish-eating cultures in which people eat their fish with a saturated fat source such as coconut oil or lard. In this way, the essential fatty acids will be properly utilized as saturated fats protect against the peroxidation of essential fatty acids within our body.

In addition, saturated fats help protect against the peroxidation of polyunsaturated fatty acids. So saturated fats are the ideal for cooking, as they don't oxidize at high temperatures, as olive oil will do.

Saturated fats can also protect your liver against toxins such as alcohol and polyunsaturated fatty acids. They do this by pretecting the peroxidation of PUFAs within your body. In the liver, saturated fats help to reduce liver disease by protecting against their peroxidation. In fact, it's important to eat a saturated fat when you drink alcohol to reduce liver damage.

Besides reducing your oxidative stress, saturated fats can also protect you against chemical toxins, such as industrial pollutants and heavy metals. They help reduce the absorption of those toxins within your digestive tract.

The short- and medium-chain fatty acids have mitochondria-stimulating functions. They can speed up your metabolism.

The lauric acid found in coconut oil have antimicrobial and antifungal properties which can boost the immune system.

Those are some reasons why saturated fat consumption is needed, despite that we can synthesize saturated fat from starch. So you should consume at least some saturated fat if you are eating a very-low fat diet. The saturated fat in you coconut oil or tallow that you use to cook your food with is enough. So my comment may be a waste of time for those who are on a very-low fat diet already using coconut oil or lard for cooking.

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